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ALOPECIA RESCUED CAPSULES- Hung Win Trading(Medical)Company Limited,簡介﹕頭髮稀少 , 促進頭髮生機 , 預防及治療脫髮、禿頭、白髮、以及修護枯黃髮質、地中海症及俗稱鬼剃頭症狀。
Product Code#:H-0017;RegNO:HKP-15644
ALOPECIA RESCUED CAPSULES- Hung Win Trading(Medical)Company Limited 簡介﹕頭髮稀少 , 促進頭髮生機 , 預防及治療脫髮、禿頭、白髮、以及修護枯黃髮質、地中海症及俗稱鬼剃頭症狀。



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ALOPECIA RESCUED CAPSULES- Hung Win Trading(Medical)Company Limited 大部份都市人,不論年齡性別,都會不約而同,或多或少地爲他們的煩惱絲憂慮 ── 脫髮、禿頭、白髮及頭髮乾旱開叉折斷,甚至一夜間部份頭髮無故脫落﹝俗稱鬼剃頭﹞。本品所含之活性分子能增強毛囊細胞微絲血管帶氧運行,令毛髮能吸收更多養份,刺激垂死毛囊回復生機;令靜止及衰退中之毛囊重新活躍,更能刺激色素細胞產生黑色素,保持髮質烏黑光亮正常生長。故對過量脫髮、黑髮變白、髮質開叉折斷等皆有顯著功效,同時對皮膚保養及強健身體亦同樣有良好效果。德國草本發展化驗藥廠研究人員針對上述情況,經多年艱苦研究,終于成功研製出一種不含毒性及化學物質,絕無副作用,以名貴草藥煉製而成,服後能令毛囊加速新陳代謝,均衡人體內分泌,令毛髮自然生長,保持柔順烏黑光澤。適應症:頭髮稀少,促進頭髮生機,預防及治療脫髮、禿頭、白髮、以及修護枯黃髮質、地中海症及鬼剃頭症狀。包裝: 60粒瓶裝服法:(治療性)以三個月為一療程,口服:每日兩至三次,每次一粒;或按照醫生的指示。(預防性)預防及保養以每日一次,每次一粒。 Most urbanite no matter his age or sex will more or less worry about his hair - trichomadesis, calvities, alopecia arenta, etc. Aiming at the above situation, Germany researchers success in developing a Natural Herbal – This product has no toxicity, no chemical substance, no side effect and abstracted from rare herbal substances after many years hard working. It can accelerate the metabolism of hair follicle, balance internal secretion and make hair jet black and shiny. Dosage :(Medical treatment for three months) One capsule two to three times daily, or as directed by physician. (Prophylaxis) One capsule one time per day. Indications :Medical treatment or prophylaxis of alopecia, prevention of whitening of hair, loss of hair and canities, restoring original hair color and rejuvenating unhealthy hair. Make hair strong and shiny. Packing : 60's per bottle
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